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Services requiring a campus ID card

You need to have a current campus ID card in order to access the following resources:

  • Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre
    Being registered as a full-time student, your campus ID card can be used to access the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre facilities.
  • Durham Region and GO transit

    If you are studying full-time, your Campus ID card will contain your U-Pass, allowing unlimited use of any Durham Region Transit (DRT) and limited GO Transit bus routes operating within Durham Region. Part-time students are not eligible for a U-Pass.

    The fall/winter U-Pass is valid from September 1 to May 31. Full-time students studying in the spring/summer semester will be entitled to the Summer U-Pass program between June 1 and August 31, but will need to visit the Campus ID office beginning in May with your current ID card to receive your updated card.

  • Exams and tests
    You will need to present your campus ID card for any official midterms and exams. If you misplace or forget your campus ID card during an exam, locations will be available for you to obtain a temporary ID for exam purposes.
  • Health and Dental Plan
    Your card may be required to verify your student status when accessing your Health and Dental Plan.
  • IT Service Desk
    You will need to present your campus ID card for assistance at the IT Service Desk.
  • Library

    You are able to borrow books and access other library resources with a valid campus ID card.

  • Meal plan and flex dollar accounts

    Your meal plan account is activated and accessed by your Campus ID card. Flex dollar accounts are initially purchased as part of all meal plans but additional dollars can be added to your account at any Aramark cash register when you present your campus ID card.

  • Media services
    Your campus ID card allows you borrowing privileges for equipment and media.
  • On-campus services

    Please make sure to have your campus ID card when visiting other services on campus, including but not limited to:

    • Academic advising
    • Office of the Registrar - Information and Client Services
    • Office of Student Life
    • On-campus events
    • Student Union
  • Print services
    All on-campus printers and photocopiers can be used with a valid campus ID card.