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Ancillary fees

Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding ancillary fees:

  • What are ancillary fees?
    Ancillary fees are used to provide important services and resources for students. These fees are charged alongside your tuition on your student account. All ancillary fees are approved by both your Student Union and the Board of Governors. Some fees are also voted on by the student body, including your U-Pass and gym membership. All students pay ancillary fees to enable access to services at a lower cost than would be possible on an individual basis. We understand that you may not use all of the available services, and we encourage you to make use of services that you feel will enrich your student experience.
  • Which ancillary fees can I opt out of?
    You have the ability to opt out of a portion of the Health and Dental Insurance fee by providing proof of pre-existing coverage.  Find out more about the opt-out process.
  • Why can’t I opt out of additional ancillary fees?
    Some services and resources are central to the operation of the university and the student experience. These fees are mandatory to ensure access for everyone. Upcoming changes to provincial legislation may allow students to opt out of select ancillary fees in the near future, stay tuned for more information.
  • Why are more ancillary fee categories listed now compared to previous years?
    We recognize that students want to know where their ancillary fees are going. We have separated some fee categories into several smaller items to provide a more detailed breakdown. These are not new fees and are being presented in this way to provide you with more specific information regarding the services and resources that ancillary fees make possible, and continue to support.