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International eligibility for domestic fees


Under the regulations of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, an international student may be eligible for domestic tuition rate if they are:

  •  A person who is the legal dependent of a Canadian citizen within the meaning of the Citizenship Act or a person registered as an Indian within the meaning of the Indian Act.
  • A person and dependents who has been formally granted permanent resident status in Canada within the meaning of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Please see the definition of dependent below.
  • A person who is the legal dependent of a permanent resident. Please see the definition of dependent below.
  • A visitor with a work permit and dependents. Exclusions may apply as follows but not limited to:
    • A visitor who is a graduate teaching assistant.
    • An international student holding a work permit to complete his/her co-op, internship or medical residency employment.
    • A post-graduate open work permit holder (received by an international student upon graduation, usually for up to three years of work opportunities).
    • An international student whose spouse or common-law partner has received a work permit as a result of the international student holding a valid study permit.
    • An international student holding an Off-Campus Work Permit.
  • A visitor with diplomatic status and dependents, with official accreditation from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, who has entered Canada or is in Canada to carry out official duties.
  • A person and his/her dependents, who is officially recognized and documented by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to be a Protected Person or a Convention Refugee.

Dependents are defined as:

  • a spouse
  • a common-law partner
  • a dependent child* or the dependent child of a spouse or common-law partner
  • a dependent child of the dependent child referred to above

    *A dependent child is a child who is a biological child who has not been adopted by a person other than the spouse or common-law partner, or an adopted child; and who is in one of the following situations of dependency:
    • Under age 22 and not a spouse or common-law partner.
    • Enrolled continuously at a college, university or other educational institution and dependent substantially on the financial support of the parent since before age 22 or since becoming a spouse.

Please note that meeting the above conditions does not guarantee a change to domestic fees.  Tuition fee setting is at the sole discretion of the university.


  • Approved tuition fee changes are valid for the duration of the related immigration supporting documentation.
  • A student may be required to prove their status at any time during their studies and/or provide additional documents.
  • All supporting application documents must be available for official photo ID matching if needed.
  • All documents must be valid during the period of study.
  • If approved, the student must inform the university of any changes regarding his/her Temporary Residence status.
  • To apply for the domestic tuition rate, all students must submit satisfactory proof of status.
  • Application must be submitted by the student and can only be discussed directly with the student.

How to apply

Undergraduate Students

Submit a Change to Residency Status form available on your MyOntarioTech account. 

  1. Go to MyOntarioTech.
  2. Select the Current students box.
  3. In the Undergraduate forms box, select the Change to Residency Status link and complete the form.

Graduate Students

Submit the International Graduate Tuition Fee Change Request form on your MyOntarioTech account.

  1. Go to MyOntarioTech.
  2. Select the Current students box.
  3. In the Graduate Studies box, select the International Graduate tuition fee change request link and complete the form.

“Note: If you are currently receiving or plan to receive an Award, Bursary or Scholarship please verify if there will be any eligibility issues with changing your tuition fee status by contacting Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) at for undergraduate students and for graduate students.”


Application deadlines

  • Domestic fees will only be applied for the current term and are not retroactive.
  • All changes or corrections to your tuition rate on your Ontario Tech University record must be done before the deadline dates. Any changes or corrections made after these dates will only be applicable to the next term or session and will not be retroactive to any previous term or session.


Deadline to change to the domestic tuition rate

Fall 2024

Monday, September 16

Winter 2025

Friday, January 17

Spring/Summer 2025

Friday, May 16