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Undergraduate registration

This section is designed to help you with the undergraduate course registration process.

Before you begin, there are some important steps to help you get prepared. Make sure you read all instructions carefully to ensure your registration process is as smooth as possible.

Access our Registering for courses FAQ web page for answers to our most commonly asked registration questions, and our quick How-to register videos will help walk you through the registration process. 

Once you are ready to begin, visit our Course registration guidePlease note: If you are a new or re-admitted student, you must first register for your fall 2024 semester courses before registering for your winter 2025 courses.

What's next?

  • 1. MyCampus is now officially MyOntarioTech: Your student web account

    With an improved user-friendly and mobile-friendly interface you will find all the tools you need at your fingertips and when you are on-the-go! Use your network ID and password (the credentials you use for Canvas and your student email account) to start exploring your MyOntarioTech account. 

    Once you have paid your $500 non-refundable deposit, your Applicant Portal will become MyOntarioTech

    You can use this account to:

    • Apply for bursary/awards and view status updates.
    • Check your account summary and any outstanding balances.
    • Preview and register for courses.
    • Request transcripts and Verification of Enrolment letters.
    • Set up your student email.
    • Update your personal information, including your emergency contact.

    To log into your MyOntarioTech:

    1. Go to MyOntarioTech.
    2. Select the Current students box.
    3. Select one of the options.
    4. If prompted, login using your network credentials. 
    5. Review selected option. 

    To ensure you stay up-to-date on university information, we recommend you visit MyOntarioTech frequently.  

  • 2. Your student email: Communicating with you

    Through a partnership with Google, our undergraduates, graduates, alumni, faculty and staff have access to accounts ( powered by G Suite for Education. This is a rich suite of communication and collaboration tools designed to enhance our ability to work together. G Suite for Education is available to users via any internet-connected computer or mobile device.

    Visit our Information Technology Services website to see what your OntarioTechu.Net G Suite for Education services include. Instructions on how to activate your student email account for the first time can be found at the bottom of the page.

    Please note: Newly admitted students must change the default network password prior to accessing the university network, Canvas and student email accounts.

    To change your network password:

    1. Go to MyOntarioTech.
    2. Select the Current students box.
    3. Select Important information box. 
    4. If prompted, login using your network credentials. 
    5. In the Default network password section, select Follow the instructions, select Reset your password
    6. Complete password change. 

    All official communication from the Office of the Registrar will be sent to your student email account and posted in the Announcements and Important information tabs on MyOntarioTech. You are responsible for checking both channels regularly for information such as course registration, examination information and add/drop deadlines.

  • 3. Academic Calendar

    The Academic Calendar provides you with information and guidelines pertaining to your studies. It is important to review so you can know what your role and responsibilities are to successfully complete your degree. Here are some key areas to get you started:

    • Academic regulations: The rules you are responsible for knowing and following as an Ontario Tech student.
    • Academic schedule: Your important dates and deadlines for registration, fee payment and exam periods.
    • Degree requirements: All the credits you need to complete your degree.
  • 4. Tuition fees and payments

    Important notes about your tuition fees:

    • As you register, your student account is updated in real-time to reflect your current amount owing.
    • Your fees are tied to your course registration.
    • You are charged on a per-course basis.

    To view your account summary:

    1. Go to MyOntarioTech.
    2. Select the Current students box.
    3. If prompted, login using your network credentials. 
    4. In the Paying your fees boxselect Account summary by term.
    5. Review your account details. 

    Once you have registered, you will have full access to your student account information and what fees you owe. The university does not automatically issue invoices or receipts but should you need one, they are available upon request by contacting the Office of the Registrar.

    You are responsible for paying your semester fees in full by the payment deadlinesFailure to pay fees, or arrange an approved deferment, by stated fee payment deadlines could result in de-registration from courses, late fees and financial holds on your account.

    To make a payment: 

    1. Go to MyOntarioTech.
    2. Select the Current students box.
    3. In the Paying your fees box, select Payment options.
    4. If prompted, login using your network credentials. 
    5. On the Payment options page, select either Pay with debit/credit card or Additional payment options.
    6. Complete the method of payment. 

    Please note: Service fees will be applied to debit/credit card payments. 

  • 5. Your privacy

    Information supplied via the web registration system will be used for the purposes of registration, decisions on your academic status, academic advising and to provide you with information related to your studies at the university. It may be shared with your course instructors, the Student Union and other educational institutions to which you have applied or have been enrolled.

  • 6. Confirm your earned hours

    Your earned hours are based on successfully completed course credit hours, and will determine when your course registration window will open. If you have applied for transfer credits or are returning to studies at the university, confirm your earned hours.

  • 7. Get ready to register

    Prior to your course registration window opening, you can still get prepared.

    • You can confirm your registration status to ensure you are eligible to register for the upcoming semester(s).
    • You can also preview available courses, and prepare mock schedules.
    • You can check to make sure you do not have any holds that would prevent registration.

    To view your Registration:

    1. Go to MyOntarioTech.
    2. Select the Current students box.
    3. In the Registration box, select any one of the following option(s): Plan Ahead, Add or drop courses online, Student schedule, Look-up courses to add, Registration fee assessment, Check your registration status, Apply for undergraduate readmission / change of program. 
    4. If prompted, login using your network credentials.
    5. Complete the selected option(s).

    To view your student record for any holds:

    1. Go to MyOntarioTech.
    2. Select the Current students box.
    3. In the Student records box, select Holds.
    4. If prompted, login using your network credentials. 
    5. Review your account for any holds. 

    For more information check out our step-by-step registration guidelines, or watch our how-to register video for complete details.

    Please note: Prior to registering, you will be prompted to agree to a Registration Contract. It is important that you fully understand this contract, as clicking 'I Agree' binds you to the deadlines, fees and regulations associated with your registration.

    For graduate studies inquiries, please contact the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies or visit MyOntarioTech. 

    For Graduate studies:

    1. Go to MyOntarioTech.
    2. Select the Current students box.
    3. In the Graduate studies box, select any one of the following option(s): Graduate application status, Accept revised funding, Leave of absence request, Graduate studies forms
    4. If prompted, login using your network credentials. 
    5. Complete the selected option(s).
  • 8. Check out our Open Educational Resources
    At Ontario Tech University, we're constantly looking for ways to adapt to the ever-changing landscape by exploring and delivering flexible and dynamic ways of learning. One approach is to use Open Educational Resources (OER) in academic programs. For more information, please visit our OER website.

Connecting with us

If you require assistance, email us at For faster service during our busy registration period, please visit us in-person.

If you have documents you need to submit for OSAP, registration or appeals, learn more about your submission options.

Please include your name, student number and program of study in all correspondence with the Office of the Registrar.