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Registering for courses

Below are our team's most frequently asked questions regarding course registration.

  • What do the terms on the registration screen mean?

    The following list explains the terms used on the registration screen:


    Course Reference Number; unique five-digit number associated with a particular course section


    Subject code associated with an individual course


    Course number associated with an individual course


    Specific section within a course; a course may contain numerous sections/course offerings


    Schedule; references the type of section (e.g. lecture, web, lab, tutorial)

    Instrn Mthd

    Instructional method for the course section; it indicates how the course section will be delivered


    Amount of credit hours obtained upon course completion


    Title of the course


    Capacity; indicates the maximum seat capacity of a course section


    Amount of students currently registered within the course section


    Remaining available seats within the course section


    Course prerequisites (if applicable)


    Corresponding lecture, lab and/or tutorial components that are linked to the section; you must register for one of each type of associated section from the given list  


    Meets bi-weekly starting in the first week of lectures1


    Meets bi-weekly starting in the second week of lectures1


    In-class and virtual meet times (Hybrid)


    In-class meet times




    Section is fully online

    1 Some lab and tutorial sections are offered in alternating weeks. Students should attend the W1 session in the first full week of classes. Students should attend the W2 session in the second full week of classes.

  • Where are my classes located?

    Pay careful attention to the classroom and location columns, as most of the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities courses are offered at the downtown Oshawa campus location. For a complete list of locations, see the table below. A campus map is available online.

    Classroom location



    UOD (Downtown Oshawa campus location)


    61 Charles Street



    55 Bond Street



    Regent Theatre



    Faculty of Education/11 Simcoe Street North

    UOG (Georgian College campus location)

    Georgian College campus

    UON (North Oshawa campus location)


    OPG Engineering Building



    Science Building (UA)



    Science Building (UA)



    Business and Information Technology Building (UB)



    Energy Research Centre (ERC)



    Simcoe Building - J Wing



    UL building



    University Pavilion

    UOT (Trent University Oshawa campus)


    Trent - 55 Thornton Road South

  • What do I do if I get an error message?




    Link error

    This course requires registration in more than one section (e.g., lecture, lab and tutorial sections).

    You must register for all sections of the course simultaneously. Please note that some lectures are linked to specific tutorials and labs.

    Closed section

    There are currently no seats available in this section. Other sections of this course may still have available seats.

    If this is a mandatory course, contact your academic advisor for further assistance. If this is an elective, you will need to select a different one or check back later for availability.

    Prerequisite error

    The section you are trying to add requires a prerequisite course.

    Contact your academic advisor for further assistance.

    Missing co-requisite

    The section you are trying to add requires a co-requisite. You must register in both courses simultaneously.

    Use the Add/Drop function in MyCampus to add all applicable CRN’s together.

    Duplicate CRN

    You have already registered for another section of the course you are trying to add.

    Ensure you are adding the right CRN. If you are trying to replace the previous section with this one, you will need to drop it first.

    Maximum hours exceeded

    Your total number of credit hours exceeds the maximum number allowed for this term.

    To inquire about a course-overload, please contact your academic advisors

    Time conflict

    The time of this section conflicts with another course in your schedule and cannot be added.

    You will need to choose a different section for this course, or for the one you previously added.

    SR-student restrictions

    There is a hold on your account preventing registration.

    Contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.

    Major restrictions

    This restriction occurs when a section has been reserved for specific majors.


    You will need to select a different section of the course that is compatible with your major. If no option is available, contact your Academic Advisor.


    The available seats in the section are reserved.

    Contact the academic advisor of the course you are trying to add.

  • I am having difficulty logging in to MyCampus. What do I do?
    If you have never logged in to the system, make sure that you are entering your date of birth correctly (it must be entered in the format MMDDYY). If you are still having difficulties, please call IT Services at 905.721.3333.
  • I just tried to switch a lab section and was removed from the course entirely. Why?
    If the lab section you were trying to switch into was full, you were not added to that section. However, you were removed from your original lab section and the corresponding lecture because the lab that you dropped is linked to that lecture. In order to best avoid this happening, please check the availability of course sections prior to dropping a class.
  • What is an elective?
    Electives, general electives or open electives may be chosen from any course in the list of offerings, including those offered by Trent University. However, some courses are restricted from degree credit in some programs. Be sure to read the calendar regulations carefully and ensure that electives will meet your program requirements. If you are unsure, contact your academic advisor.
  • How do I drop a course in MyCampus?
    To drop a course via your MyCampus account, go to the add/drop courses screen. Select web drop from the drop-down menu to the left of the CRN that you wish to drop. Click on submit changes at the bottom of the screen. If your course has been successfully deleted, it will be removed from your current schedule.
  • How do I officially withdraw from the university?
    To officially withdraw after you have registered for courses, you must complete and submit a withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar. The withdrawal form can be found by logging in to MyCampus and going to the Documents tab.

    Students must return their laptop within seven working days of withdrawal from their program. After this time, a late return charge will apply and/or the laptop will be deemed lost or stolen and appropriate action will be taken to retrieve it. Students are responsible for fees related to damage, misuse, loss or theft as per the policy. No refunds will be processed and student marks may be withheld until the matter is resolved.