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Available courses

You're invited to browse the list of our course offerings. In addition, have a look through our full Academic Calendar to check out the many exciting programs we offer. If you'd like to apply to the university, you may do so via the Ontario Universities Application Centre.

  • The fall semester runs from September to December.
  • The winter semester runs from January to April.
  • The summer semester runs from May to August.
Instructional Method Instructional Method Description Course Notes


In-person or streaming option

An online streaming option is available



In-person attendance is required


In-person & virtual meet times

In-person attendance is required; virtual meet times may be streamed


In-person & online

In-person attendance is required


Offsite & in-person

Offsite and in-person attendance is required


Offsite & virtual meet times

Offsite attendance is required


Virtual meet times

Offsite attendance is required


Online & virtual meet times

Offsite attendance is required


Fully online


*If any of a course's sections require in-person attendance, the midterm and/or final examination can be in-person.

Searching for courses in the new course preview:

Our course preview and registration processes have been updated to serve you better.

  1. Select the term you are interested in from the Terms open for registration section and select continue.
  2. If you know the course code, enter it directly in the subject and course number field. As you start typing, a drop-down menu will show all the courses that match your search.
  3. Select search to bring up the course details, including lecture times, linked labs, or tutorials if applicable.
  4. Select the course title to view additional information about the course, including any restrictions, prerequisites and course comments.
  5. Select search again to return to the main browse classes page to search for another course.
  6. To search all courses in a particular subject area, select or start typing in the subject field, which will bring up a drop-down menu of all subjects available. You may also use the advanced search option to search by a variety of alternative criteria.
  7. Review our list of common registration error messages when planning your schedule and preparing for registration.

Search for courses

Our course offerings are updated regularly. Continue to check back to see which courses are added for future semesters. 

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