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Replacing your Ucard

If your physical Ucard has been damaged, lost or stolen, or if a replacement is required for another reason, please email for assistance.

If a physical Ucard is found and turned in to the Office of the Registrar, the cardholder will be informed accordingly. If a physical Ucard is lost or stolen, you can reach out to to check if it has been returned.

Otherwise, you can report your card as lost or stolen in your OneWeb account below the Account tab. This will deactivate your card and will notify us that you may require a replacement.

If you have a meal plan, it's important that you report your lost or stolen Ucard to the food service provider as soon as possible so that your meal plan account may be locked. Your account balance could be compromised until your account has been locked.

NOTE: A replacement physical card will not be issued unless directly requested by the card holder. If a replacement is required, please email for assistance. A $25 replacement fee will apply. If a replacement card is issued and the lost card is found, the replacement fee is non-refundable.

Nursing badges have a $2 replacement fee. Please contact if you require a replacement.

Otherwise, you can access your digital Ucard through our Ontario Tech mobile app.