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Frequently asked questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions about Ontario Tech Ucard services:

General Questions

  • What is an Ontario Tech Ucard?

    Our Ucard identifies you as an Ontario Tech student, faculty or staff member. The Ucard is available digitally through our Ontario Tech Mobile app, as well as a physical card for those requiring access to certain services on-campus.

    For more information, visit our Ontario Tech Ucard web page

  • How do I apply for my Ucard?

    New students, faculty and staff must submit their photo through the online photo submission portal, along with copy of a valid government issued photo ID for verification. Once your photo submission is approved, you'll receive access to your Ontario Tech digital Ucard

    NOTE: Photo submission reviews can take 3-5 business days to be completed. You will receive an email to your email account with the decision and further information.

    Returning students with a physical Ucard do not need to update their card annually. Your digital Ucard is accessible through the Ontario Tech Mobile app. Make sure you retain your previously issued physical Ucard if you require access to on-campus areas and/or services.

  • Who is eligible for a Ucard?

    New undergraduate/graduate students, faculty and staff are eligible to submit a photo and apply for their Ucard. Once approved, you will receive access to your digital Ucard through our Ontario Tech Mobile appNOTE: Physical cards will only be issued to those with specific requirements outside of the digital Ucard (i.e. Nursing student badges for placements, meal plan access, proximity (prox) access to rooms, etc.). If a physical card is still requested, a $10 administrative fee will apply. 

    Returning students, faculty and staff can also access their digital Ucard. If you have a previously issued ID card, make sure you retain it to access on-campus areas and/or services, as applicable. Any services you would access with the physical or digital Ucard are automatically linked to your account.

  • Can I use my Ucard as identification in exams?

    Yes, students can use their physical or digital Ontario Tech Ucard photo ID, or a valid government-issued photo ID that is in English at each final examination.

    NOTE: Make sure you have an approved photo on file prior to attending your examination. Digital Ucards without a corresponding photo will not be accepted as a valid form of student ID.

    For more information on our examination policies, please visit our Procedures for Final Examination Administration and Final Examination Chief Proctor Directives web pages. 

Digital Ucard

  • How do I access my digital Ucard?

    All students, faculty and staff who have an approved photo on file have access to their digital Ucard through our Ontario Tech Mobile app. If you have not yet downloaded the app, search for Ontario Tech Mobile in your device's app store.

    To access your digital Ucard:

    1. Sign into the Ontario Tech Mobile app using your network credentials.
    2. Select the Menu icon.
    3. Under Quick Links, select Digital ID.

    Note: If you have not yet submitted your photo for use with your digital Ucard, your digital Ucard is considered invalidUpload your photo now for approval. 

  • How secure is the digital Ucard?

    The same security measures are being followed when issuing the mobile credential as for physical cards. Government-issued photo ID is verified before releasing the digital Ucard to each cardholder.

    Furthermore, all users must sign into the Ontario Tech Mobile app using their secure network credentials in order to view/access their digital Ucard.

  • Where can I use my digital Ucard?

    Your digital Ucard contains your photo, ID number and barcode, and can be used wherever the barcode is currently accepted.

    For a full list of locations and services that can be accessed with your digital Ucard, visit our Where to use your Ucard web page.

Physical Ucards

U-Pass and Public Transit