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How to register

Quick and easy registration

Step 1

Print out this worksheet to help you plan your schedule. For key terms and classroom locations, visit our FAQ.

Step 2

Find your program map from the menu.

Step 3

Look up each course to find the course registration number (CRN) in the course preview.

The CRN is a five-digit number that begins with a 4 for the fall term, a 7 for the winter term and a 1 for the spring/summer term. This CRN determines the specific time slot for each individual course.

If the course has tutorials and/or labs, you must write down the CRN for all sections.

Use the worksheet from Step 1 to write down the CRNs to ensure there are no time conflicts.

Do this for both semesters. Once you have completed Semester 1, go back to the course preview and click on the appropriate semester to look up courses.

Step 4

Once you have all of your CRNs for both semesters, log in to MyCampus.

Step 5

Click on the Add/Drop Classes under the Helpful Links heading, under the Registration section.

You will be redirected to another page, click on Add/Drop Classes again.

Step 6

Select the fall/winter term from the drop-down menu. A registration contract will appear. Confirm your program and click accept to continue.

Step 7

Input each CRN into each box and click Register.

The page should load and your courses should appear in a list, with the words successfully in blue beside each one to indicate you have successfully registered.

If you receive an error message, refer to the FAQ. Repeat steps 4 to 7 to register for the rest of your courses.

Step 8

Repeat steps 5 to 7 for the other semester by clicking on Back to Undergraduate Tab.

Step 9

Click account summary by term.

For detailed information about paying your tuition, payment amounts and due dates, please visit the tuition and fees website.

Step 10

To print your schedule, click on student schedule by day and time. Select student detail schedule to get detailed information about each course section, including the starting week for labs and tutorials that meet bi-weekly. To view your entire schedule, enter the start date of the semester in the go to text box. If you are unsure of the semester's start date, refer to important dates and deadlines.

Step 11

Once you are successfully registered, find out what's next.