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Communicating with you

In response to your feedback requesting more timely, personalized and accessible messaging—our communication with you will be relevant information that’s pertinent to your academic and personal success.

We provide information regarding academic, administrative and extracurricular university events.

Your two main modes of official communication from the university are MyCampus and your student email (formerly UOITnet). For a more detailed look at the kinds of messages you can expect to receive through our official channels, review the below matrix on student-facing communications.

  • MyCampus

    MyCampus is your central hub for official university announcements, campus events and other notifications. Be sure to check MyCampus regularly to keep up-to-date on these important messages.

    You will also find student forms and other documents on MyCampus, by going to the documents tab.

  • Student email (formerly UOITnet)

    It's important that you check your student email account regularly for emergency notifications, updates about your finances, messages from the President and Provost, and other important notices from the Office of the Registrar.

    Ridgeback Report

    The Ridgeback Report is a monthly newsletter from the university sent to your student email, where you will find information on:

    • academic services
    • athletics
    • financial support
    • getting involved on campus
    • tips for success
    • upcoming events
    • wellness opportunities
    • other news

    Look out for the Ridgeback Report each month for the latest information on what’s happening on campus and how you can get involved.

This matrix outlines student-facing communications to inform students of where they can expect to find correspondence over the academic year. 

Type of communication

UOIT website





Digital signage


Campus closures

Primary Primary Primary

Impact to operations

Primary Primary Primary Primary

Threat on campus

Primary Primary Primary Primary


Academic advising announcements


Class cancellation


Course-related announcements and events


Announcements and events



Student Life

Primary Primary


Are you OK?


Official university feedback


Important information

Financial notifications

Primary Primary

Messages from the President and Provost

Primary Primary

Registrarial notifications

Primary Primary


Academic research


Official university surveys