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Fall/Winter Course Offerings

Fall 2020 Course Information

It is anticipated that physical distancing directives, including the need to minimize large crowd gatherings, will remain in the early fall if not the full year. Given the need to communicate early and to be consistent through the full academic year, we have moved to a blended approach with limited in-person campus presence.  

What you can expect as we look ahead to your 2020-2021 academic year

Online channels will deliver both real-time and recorded lectures, as well as course material and a wide range of academic content carefully curated by your professors to enhance your learning experience. We’ve planned much more than online learning―we’ll leverage modern, digital platforms such as our new Canvas Learning Management System, Kaltura Video Cloud, program-specific software and applications, as well as intuitive digital student experiences through a new MyCampus site and enhancements to our Ontario Tech mobile app.

In-person learning experiences will be offered as appropriate and in accordance with public health guidelines. Health and safety will remain a primary consideration in determining what is feasible on a course-by-course basis. Our focus will be on delivering in-person experiential-learning opportunities in areas that are more challenging to transition online, such as labs, simulations and practicums. Research activities, including graduate student projects, will be offered to the extent possible. We’re also preparing in the event that physical distancing directives will remain in the early fall, and possibly beyond. 

Fall 2020 undergraduate courses – in-person
Fall 2020 undergraduate courses – online
Fall 2020 graduate courses – in-person
Fall 2020 graduate courses – online

Winter 2021 Course Information

*This is a DRAFT schedule based on similar assumptions to fall.  Should there be a softening of the regulations on mass gatherings the university will look further into a gradual return to campus.

Winter 2021 undergraduate courses – in-person
Winter 2021 undergraduate courses – online
Winter 2021 graduate courses – in-person
Winter 2021 graduate courses – online