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Program maps - COMING SOON

Fall 2020 program maps will be updated shortly to reflect current course offerings.

Check out the 2019-2020 program maps below for an idea of the types of courses you will be registering for.

What is a program map?

Program maps provide you with the required course names and course codes to ensure you are enrolled in the correct courses for your program. 

Your first year of study

  • Automotive Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Software Engineering

    The courses listed in the table below are required for your first year of study:

    Semester 1

    15 credit hours

    COMM 1050U

    Technical Communications

    ENGR 1015U

    Introduction to Engineering

    MATH 1010U

    Calculus I

    MATH 1850U

    Linear Algebra for Engineers

    PHY 1010U

    Physics I

    Semester 2

    18 credit hours

    CHEM 1800U

    Chemistry for Engineers

    ENGR 1025U

    Engineering Design

    ENGR 1200U

    Introduction to Programming for Engineers

    MATH 1020U

    Calculus II

    PHY 1020U

    Physics II

    SSCI 1470U

    Impact of Science and Technology on Society

    For further information regarding your first-year program, please consult your academic advising team via email.

What's next?

Review your fall registration schedule options.

We will be in contact with you

Your academic advising office will be sending an email to first-year newly admitted students with additional information.