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Confirm my year level

Your year level is based on credit hours you have successfully completed and your current in-progress credit hours. Although you may have attended the university for a certain number of years, depending on the number of successfully completed credits, transfer credits and/or courses in which you are currently enrolled, you could be considered a different year level.

For example, meet Hunter:

Hunter took a reduced course load in his first two years of study at the university. While Hunter is entering his third academic year of courses at the university, he will register as a second-year student, based on the number of credit hours he has completed.

To confirm your year of study, log in to MyCampus and:

  • Visit the helpful links channel on the undergraduate tab. 
  • Under the registration heading, select check your registration status.
  • Select the term you are registering for to view your status.

For a quick glimpse of what year level you may be in, see below:

Year level Credits earned
1 0 to 23
2 24 to 53
3 54 to 83
4 84 to 113
5 114+